Join us and give back to the community

Art From the Streets is a great place to volunteer. Homelessness is such a complicated issue. Art From the Streets addresses one small piece of it. We provide a way – through the power of art and creativity (and caring relationships) – for a homeless person to feel good about themselves.

We have many ways to get involved –

  • OPEN STUDIO – the heart of Art From the Streets, where people who are homeless come to make art.  Studio sessions are each Tuesday and Thursday afternoons downtown at the Trinity Center.  The volunteer shift is from 1-4 and includes setting up the room, interacting with the artists, and clean up.  Some volunteers come each week and others once a month.  You sign up for whenever you’re available. 
  • Our ANNUAL SHOW AND SALE, where the art created through the year is displayed for sale to the public and the proceeds go to the artists.
    This is a weekend event usually late November or early December. Volunteer shifts are for 3-4 hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • PREP for Annual Show ~ This is for three weeks prior to the show. We organize all artwork that has been mounted and unmounted from the artists for the show.
    We work with the artists personally tagging and pricing their artwork.
  • OUTSIDE SHOWS – Quarterly we hang outside shows with patrons in our community. These businesses/people are identified ahead of time and approved by AFTS. Artwork will be selected at our storage facility, transport and hung. A spread sheet is created with all artists info and pricing to be sent to our treasurer as well as tags for the back of each piece of artwork. Most of our patrons are businesses and will need set up and change overs to be M-F 9-4pm. We are happy to walk through this process a few times and help whenever needed.

And lots of behind-the-scenes opportunities –

  • Are you a business? Become a Sponsor of the Show, the Open Studio, Buy our paint, paper, pay for mounting, rent the fencing for art display
  • Getting donations of supplies for the classes and the annual show
  • Fundraising, of course
  • Helping arrange outside shows throughout the year
  • A great volunteer team of PR and marketing professionals who help us get the word out
  • The glamorous data entry tasks
  • Maybe you’d like to host a private show and sale in your home
  • Email us for sponsorships or donations